Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Pajamas

Just think about coming home after a tiring day and changing into your comfortable sleepwear. Such a relaxing feeling, right?

All of us can agree that pajamas are one of the greatest inventions of all time. There’s something instantly comforting and appealing about them.

Well, you’d be surprised to know that there's more to pajamas than sleeping and comfort!

We did some research and came across these interesting tidbits about pajamas to share with you today!

First Things First… Is It Pajamas or Pyjamas?

That's an excellent question.

In the USA, we use the word “pajamas”, but it wasn’t always spelled that way. In fact, they’re still “pyjamas” in Britain and Australia.

Traditionally, pyjamas (or pajamas) were loose trousers or drawers with a cord or drawstring to tie around the waist, worn by both women and men throughout the Middle East and South Asia for centuries.

Hence, this word originates from the word “pae-jama," which means leg garment in Hindi.

Pajamas Were Originally Only For The Very Rich And Royal

If you lived in the Middle Ages and were poor, you’d find yourself wearing a shapeless smock. On the other hand, if you belonged to the nobility, you’d be heading to bed in pajamas with elaborate designs and exotic materials.

The original pajamas – loose trousers with drawstrings – were worn by many upper-class Indian Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus. They were later adopted by Europeans during British rule in India.

Men's Pajamas Didn’t Exist Until 200 Years Later

Yes, that's right. From the early 1600s to the mid-1800s, men's nightshirts or bed shirts were similar to their day shirts. The only difference was that the latter were trimmed, with lace down the sides of the sleeves and the neck.

It was not until the late 1800s that nightshirts became available in a variety of fabrics, distinguishing them from day ones.

Footed Pajamas Went Intended For Adults, Not Kids

Most people associate footed pajamas with kids, being completely unaware that the design was actually meant for adults.

Early versions of footed pajamas were created by common people who sew socks to the bottom of their pajama pants not just for warmth but to also protect their feet and legs from bugs like termites. This design later transitioned into the footed pajamas that we see today.

Pajamas Went Through A Proper Reincarnation Over The Years

Did you know that before 1950, it was common for pajamas to have a drop seat? That’s right. The purpose of doing this was to make it easier to use the bathroom!

Pjs Are Not Just For Sleeping

In the 1920s, many high society men and women would wear PJs to the beach. Even now, you can spot people in eastern China wearing their pajamas in public around their local neighborhood in the late afternoon or evening.

Over in Japan, they took the concept of pajamas even a step further by introducing Kigurumi (kee-goo-ROO-mee), a word used to describe what are essentially pajamas made to look like some form of a giant stuffed animal.

The trend has existed in Japan since the 90s and now around the world as well, in the form of “onesies”.

There's A Day Dedicated To Wearing Pajamas

In case you didn’t know, there’s actually a “National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day” celebrated on April 16th in the USA. The day is all about wearing your favorite pajamas or onesies to school or work to raise money for charity.

This day makes the perfect excuse to splurge on a matching family pajama set or cute and cozy onesie pajamas for yourself!

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